After exposure as State Dept. 'regressing' to stricter COVID measures Pompeo returns to office

After exposure as State Dept. ‘regressing’ to stricter COVID measures Pompeo returns to office

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo returned to the office Monday after quarantining due to exposure to someone who tested positive for coronavirus, consistent with two State Department sources.

His return after but every week of quarantine may violate guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, although it’s unclear because little is understood about when he was exposed and the way often he has been tested.

The State Department has not skilled several questions on the difficulty since last week.

It also comes because the agency says it’s “regressing” in its COVID-19 safety plans for the Washington, D.C., area, consistent with an email from a senior State Department official that was obtained by ABC News.

Because of the virus spreading, its capital-area offices returned to stricter COVID regulations, including “maximum” telework, “mission critical movements only,” and limits on the “size of gatherings.” but every week ago, the department hosted a vacation reception where hundreds were invited despite CDC guidelines against large indoor gatherings, although Pompeo didn’t attend.

“In accordance with CDC guidelines,” Pompeo was in quarantine last Wednesday, consistent with a State Department spokesperson, who said he was “identified as having inherit contact with someone who tested positive for COVID” — without specifying when or where.

CDC guidelines say that anyone exposed to coronavirus “stay home for 14 days after your last contact with an individual who has COVID-19.” But that point are often hamper to seven days “after receiving a negative test result (test must occur on day 5 or later).

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