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Harry Potter Dating Alert! Tom Felton provides Emma Watson guitar classes in cosy brand new pic. Fans get crazy

Harry Potter Dating Alert! Tom Felton provides Emma Watson guitar classes in cosy brand new pic. Fans get crazy

Tom Felton took to Instagram to share with you a photo along with his Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson. Tom sometimes appears offering electric guitar classes to Emma within the image.

They may have now been competitors into the Harry Potter franchise, but Emma Watson and Tom Felton’s individual equation happens to be totally distinct from the figures they played in the giant screen. Emma and Tom knew one another since youth while they practically spent my youth together in the sets of Harry Potter.

Emma played the smoothness of Hermione Granger, the Gryffindor genius, and Tom had been present in the part of Slytherin villain Draco Malfoy. Hermione and Draco spent their whole life that is on-screen Harry Potter – eight movies in 10 years – fighting one another.

But it has never ever impacted their individual equation. In reality, the 2 have usually sparked dating rumours. Offering fuel to such rumours, Tom recently shared a cosy photo with Emma, playing an electric guitar.

Tom captioned the image saying, “Quick learner x.”

Harry Potter fans went crazy after Tom posted this image, with several sniffing a whiff of a Hermione Granger-Draco Malfoy relationship.

One fan commented in the photo, “During my brain you two are together, constantly.” Another said, “AWWWW DRAMIONEMY HEART.” An additional fan had written, “DRAMIONE. a lot more than 15 years looking forward to this.” many others additionally commented from the exact same lines.

While on Instagram fans were all gooey about the chance of the Harry Potter love, on Twitter, emotions ranged from yearning for the reunion to downright disbelief that Malfoy might be dating Granger.

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