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I realize a little because i will be exceedingly claustrophobic.

I realize a little because i will be exceedingly claustrophobic.

It may never be good to expose your self to bloodstream to much as it can certainly increase your fear. But in the event that you become accustomed to it it may maybe not cause you the maximum amount of anxiety.

Anna responded on Wed, 03/06/2019 – 11:41pm Permalink

I will be presently in guidance for PTSD as being a police. I’ve been shot on responsibility years back and simply help that is now seeking. My real question is should I look for a counselor that is new? My current therapist whom focuses primarily on EMDR said she requires a quick heads up before I speak about the terrible things i’ve seen and managed face to face. She stated she actually is a injury target too, and that i have to keep in mind she actually is a civilian and I also have always been an officer. That she is not use to for example seeing people’s heads blow off so she said. Exactly exactly exactly what do I do? Remain and today personally i think i must be much more concerned with her trauma?? Or play it out and try in the exact middle of the EMDR session cognitively make an effort to keep in mind to organize by by herself. I am talking about whom am I able to communicate with if We can’t speak with my therapist

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Demand a recommendation to a different therapist

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Anna, being a paramedic of 25 years and former provincial police and ex-military, i realize your plight.

Then let me just say two things; I received all my treatment and even though it did not include EMDR, it worked fine if you are going out of your way to see this counselor just because she provides EMDR. There’s absolutely no proof that it works (longterm) and it’s also distinguished so it does absolutely nothing for most people.